Content Creator

Seshmi April 28, 2015


A truly unique aspect of Seshmi’s skill set is an innate ability for envisioning content from the point of inception, and the ability to create the visual and written aspects, to produce a complete on-air product.

Taking a simple idea and adding special touches — whether it be in creative writing and story telling, stacking a full 30-minute show with segments and content to keep the show engaging and moving swiftly, or the many visual elements from shots in the field or in studio that create a great looking program — Seshmi excels in producing new and creative content.

A creator at heart, Seshmi feels out every new project and idea, to push for the best on-air product possible. Creating content is something she truly enjoys, and will happily spend hours in the edit bay in post-production making sure the vision is complete.

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